WE>O<br>2-in-1 hair removal & collagen stimulation
2-in-1 hair removal & collagen stimulation

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Key Benefits

WE>O IRPL device combines the efficiency of both the E>O75 and W>O75 to offer your clients the best treatments in permanent hair reduction and collagen stimulation.

Permanent hair reduction:
- full body (except the eyes)
- black, brown and blonde hair
- skin phototype I to V (dark) – including tanned skin
- 6 to 8 treatments recommended for optimum results

Collagen stimulation:
- ideal for facial, neck, décolletage and hands
- Reduction of wrinkles and lines
- Brighten dull skin, reduce pores
- skin phototype I to IV (medium dark) – including tanned skin
- 1 treatment per week for 8 weeks for optimum results then 1 session every 2 months to maintain the results.

Treatment Protocol

Permanent hair reduction: 
A total of 6 to 8 sessions have to be completed, spaced between 6 to 8 weeks for optimum results. Only one or two touch ups a year for maintenance will be necessary.

Collagen stimulation:
One treatment per week for 8 weeks, then one treatment every 2 months. A unique anti-wrinkle technology that can be used on year long, even on tanned skin.


Client must wear +30 SPF sunscreen to protect the skin from the sun during and 3 weeks after the treatment.


Permanent hair reduction:
Results are apparent after the first treatment. The hair will fall out progressively 7 to 21 days after each session. 

Collagen stimulation:
- Collagen enhanced skin will get its tone back significantly improving its cutaneous relaxation.
- Wrinkles and aging lines will be lifted, skin texture will become thiner giving a brighter facial tone.
- The skin will be rejuvenated, repair with a younger aspect.
- The results will be visible from the first month and will progressively improve.
- After 8 treatments only 1 treatment every 2 months will be required to keep the results. 


- Pregnant women.
- People with diabetes.
- Very dark / black skin (Skin phototype VI).
- Grey / red hair (not effective on this hair type due to the low amount of melanin).
- Damaged, infected, burnt skin.
- Skin with recent sunburn (Wait a month for recovery).
- Unusual skin lesion (Needs medical advice).
- Tattoo (Cannot provide treatment over a tattoo).
- Skin disease (acne, psoriasis, eczema...).
- Photosensitive medications.
- Cutaneous pathology history
- Not suitable on animals


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