Virtual Reality system for strabismus and amblyopia

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Virtual Reality solution for the treatment of strabismus and amblyopia for children and adults.


Key Benefits

- Includes Vivid Vision Suite software, VR ready desktop computer, Oculus Rift headset, Leap Motion Controller and Xbox controller.
- Immersive therapeutic tools that appear in a life size, 3D, virtual environment without the constraints associated with TV or computer screens.
- Diagnostic and treatment tools to determine amblyopic or strabismic eye.
- Full control of element seen in the amblyopic/strabismic eye.
- Start activities at the patient's angle of deviation and decrease the angle as they improve.
- Work on vergence ranges and jump duction to increase fusion ranges.
- Distance and near activities all in one device.

Scientifically Proven Effectiveness

Clinical trial USA 2015
Christopher M. Aderman, M.D., Ph.D., Department of Ophthalmology, University of California, San Francisco.

Subjects are enrolled in a single-center, masked, randomised-controlled trial to study the effects of a dichotic VR platform on visual acuity and stereopsis in adults with amblyopia.
The results show reductions in suppression among amblyopic subjects after VR therapy.
Remote testing of visual parameters is possible and correlates well with validated in-clinic measurements.
Remote monitoring allows for monitoring of compliance and can provide red-flag alerts with broad application. 

Treatment Protocol