Sirius - 3D scheimpflug camera
Sirius - 3D scheimpflug camera

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Key Benefits

- Cross-sectional tomography of the anterior ocular segment and 3D corneal analysis. Allows selection of the best IOL tool for the patient before a cataract intervention. The only device that allows both sides of the anterior ocular segment to be analysed, which ensures better prevention.
- All the analyses available with the Antares are included. Double your rentability if you use it with an E-Eye.
- Only machine with a placido disc: unique conception to precisely establish a mapping of the cornea.
- Software extremely easy to use: your assistants can export a diagnosis report.

General Use

Analyse the cornea cross-section. Essential tool for the diagnosis and pre- and post-operative evaluation of cataract and refractive surgery.

Dry Eye Function

Same functionality as the Antares: NIBUT, Infrared meibography, contact lenses fitting mode, etc.




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