P>O75 - pigmentation
P>O75 - pigmentation

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- P>O75 pigmentation treatments are suitable for skin phototypes I (fair) to III (medium) with the following conditions:
- An actinic lentigo made by sun and wind exposure.
- A senil lentigo (also called liver spot) made by sun and wind exposure.
- A melasma due to pregnancy or contraception pills
- Old ephelides (dark freckles)

All the following conditions are not indicated for IPL treatments : All other non pigmented cutaneous spots, non-flat ones such as naevi not linked to sun exposure, birthmarks, melanona, senil wart.

Treatment Protocol

On average, one treatment is sufficient.
One to two additional treatments can be done if necessary (must be spaced by at least 10 days).
Contraception mode might be necessary in case of melasma treatments.

Client will have to wear a +30 SPF sunscreen protection to protect the skin from the sun 6 months after the treatment protocol.


Right after the IPL session, the spot becomes darker with a scab, fine squame/flakes will occur. It will disappear (between 2 days to 2 weeks) after the treatment leaving a light skin at the place where the spot was.

The P>O75 has a significant efficiency for pigmentation. Treatments are more gentle on the skin with this IPL technology than any other laser pigmentation treatments. 


- Pregnant women.
- People with diabetes.
- Very dark / black skin (Skin phototype VI).
- Grey / red hair (no efficient on this hair type due to the poor amount of melanin in it).
- Damaged, infected, burnt skin.
- Skin with recent sunburn (Wait a month for recovery).
- Unusual skin lesion (Needs medical advice).
- Tattoo (Can’t treat over a tattoo).
- Skin disease (acne, psoriasis, eczema...).
- Photosensitive medications.
- Cutaneous pathology history
- Not suitable on animals


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