NEW Cobra+ (Plus) - HD non-mydriatic retinal camera
NEW Cobra+ (Plus) - HD non-mydriatic retinal camera

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Key Benefits

- Designed to be used by an assistant, which saves time for the practitioner.
- No need for fluorescein during retinal screening.
- High definition (HD).
- 9 fixation points.
- Internal fixation selectable in the software.
- Mosaic function up to 80° field of view: Broader view of the retina for a wider analysis, thus a more accurate preventive treatment. No need to invest in an expensive tool to broaden your image.
- Standard field of view up to 50°
- Manual capture for conditions where retina is not normal.
- Infrared picture acquisition.
- A minimal pupil diameter of 2.2mm and a low flash intensity make it possible to generate a high quality fundus photo quickly and accurately, with minimal patient discomfort.
- MGD Analysis.
- AVR Module available for arterial statistical evaluation of vascular system giving prediction of heart disease.
- Simultaneously captures colour and infrared image.

General Use

Detect diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma + evaluate the cardiovascular risk percentage within a 3-year period.

Dry Eye Function

Detect Meibomian Gland atrophy through infrared meibography.



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