MPS II - Macular pigment screener
MPS II - Macular pigment screener

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By 2020, 196 million of global population predicted to have AMD. AMD can be prevented - MPOD is a key modifiable risk factor for AMD. 

MPSII helps identify the risk of AMD before it develops.

Key Benefits

- Fast: as quick as 90 seconds per eye
- Accurate: gives clear, reliable MPOD (macular pigment optical density) results
- Cost effective: best value screener on the market.
- Proactivity: detects the risk of AMD before it develops
- Management: monitor how patients respond to supplementation
- Diversification: of services with a new, ethically viable revenue stream
- Reliable: scientifically validated through use in multiple studies
- Easy to use: user friendly interface with icon-driven menus


Macular pigment and MPOD

Macular pigment optical density (MPOD) is one of the main risk factor causing AMD. Measured by the MPSII, MPOD indicates a person's level of protection against the high-energy visible (HEV) blue light known to be absorbed by the protective layer of macular pigment in front of the retina.

Daily exposure to high energy visible blue light puts people with low MPOD at risk of developing AMD in future.


Protect your patients. Grow your business

 The MPSII allows eye care specialists to identify, educate and monitor those most at risk of developing AMD. Fast, affordable and scientifically validated, it diversifies service offerings, allows differentiation from competitors and enables business growth through new revenues from lens and ongoing supplement sales. 


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