Metis - Cloud connected skin diagnosis

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Metis skin diagnosis device is the only face skin image analysis connected to the cloud that accurately visualises the needs of your clients' skin.

A session with Metis is recommended before any skin treatment in order to provide clients with the most suitable solution for their skin.

Its 10 analysis filters covers all the layers of the skin for a deep consultation and its cloud connection allows the introduction of your own treatments and skincare range for a personalised assessment. 

10 skin analysis modes

Metis offers a total of 10 skin analysis modes enabling you to make the most precise facial skin diagnosis to effectively plan your client's skin care treatment:


A soft light is emitted from different directions over the face, evenly lighting up superficial details of the face. It is used to provide a standard and natural picture to use as a base for the rest of the assessment.

A cross polarised light reduces the direct reflection, enabling to observe the uneven skin colour underneath the epidermis and the structure of blood capillary. Highlights first signs of skin aging.
The parallel polarised light is used here to reduce the visibility of skin characteristics underneath the epidermis and enhances the surface optical reflection to highlight skin lines and pore structure.
A slight amount of harmless UV light is emitted. Cells and tissues naturally convert the invisible light to fluorescent, turning the skin into a lighting bulb. It enables to observe the skin problems hidden underneath the skin surface.
The spread of active sebaceous gland and oil slick as well as the depth and extent of inflammation around sebaceous gland can be observed.
The skin colour mode pays special attention to fine differences in skin colour and pigmentation to make it easier to recognise the impact of uneven colour on age rather than typical signs of aging such as wrinkles and skin prolapse.
Healthy skin is highlighted in light pink while spots appear in darker pink colour due to their inflammation.
The spread of melanin can be clearly observed under this mode. It allows to determine the types of blemishes present on the skin (chloasma, NFZ, or senile plague, etc). It also helps identify whether there are any pigment hidden under the bottom layer of the skin or if any previous treatment has been received to fade blemishes away. 
Allows a clear comparison between before and after treatment, so that enhancement of tightness can be distinctively recognised.
Thanks to the above 9 skin analysis modes, METIS cloud computing can accurately calculate the spread and status of future facial blemish, making possible to understand the development tendency of blemish one step ahead of time.


Treatments and skin care recommendations

Once the skin diagnosis has been completed with Metis, this one issues a report that highlights the skin priorities and will focus on 8 major skin treatments using your own solutions and expertise to improve your client's skin:
- Grease control
- Blemish whitening
- Dodging fine lines
- Reducing aging skin process
- Increase elasticity
- Minimise pores
- Remove acne
- Skin hydration


1. Experience instant results and clearly observe the condition of skin in details.
2. Understand the rules of skin aging.
3. UV light skin fluorescer, polarised light technology and optical spectrum technology for a more scientific assessment.
4. Removable and washable cotton cover for chin rest guarantee hygiene.
5. Examination pictures are directly uploaded on the cloud. No local storage required.
6. The product software is updated automatically every 4 months.
7. Metis works on iOS system / iPads only. Android system coming soon!
8. Easily detachable, comes with a special safety bag for portable use.
9. When two devices are operated at the same time, customers can interact with each other.