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LPG, the world leader in cellular stimulation, introduces the one-and-only cosmetic line directly inspired by ENDERMOLOGIE to maximise the results of CELLU M6 face and body treatment.

  • LPG Body Beauty
Treat cellulite, volume loss and loose skin.

5 body skincare products containing a unique complex of active ingredients, developed specifically to stimulate natural cellular activity to facilitate slimming and anti-aging.

- Stimulates the natural release of stored fat and prevents new fat from accumulating
- Promotes the natural synthesis of collagen and elastin for firmer, smoother skin

The body care line has been developed to treat the three main features to help maintain a perfect body: cellulite, volume loss and anti-aging.

  • LPG Facial Beauty

Treat signs of aging.
All LPG skincare contain a unique complex of active ingredients, developed specifically to stimulate the natural anti-aging cellular activity.

- Collagen synthesis, for a firmer skin
- Elastin synthesis, for more supple skin
- Hyaluronic acid, for replenished and smoother skin

Because each face is unique, the experts at LPG have developed a new line of skincare products tailored to the three main causes of aging: sagging, hollowing and thickening.

  • New Cellular Regeneration Treatment

 Visible results in 1 session only!
The new ENDERMOLOGIE® CELLULAR REGENERATION treatment proposes a natural approach to anti-aging by interacting simultaneously with the fibroblasts (stimulating youthful cells) and their environment.

Proven results from the 1st session:

  • Skin radiance: x2
  • Wrinkle smoothed:
    - 34%** forehead lines
    - 27%** frown line
    - 29%** neck wrinkles
  • Skin toned (face & neck): +97%**
  • Smoother hands: +72%**
** Source: Pr. Humbert, C.H.U. Besançon - Dermatologist’s clinical quotation and self-questionnaire on 10 treated subjects after only one Endermologie Cellular Regeneration treatment.

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