Keep - phototherapy LED equipment

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Keep is a phototherapy device that treats skin lesions and aging signs using LED light sources.


  • Prevents skin aging, erases impurities and gives back tonus and elasticity to the skin.
  • Non-invasive technology suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skins.
  • Unique light irradiation module with 3 different wavelength: red, blue and infrared.
  • Contact-less system for a maximum hygiene condition.
  • Uniform distribution of energy over the treated area for optimum results.
  • Comes with a tablet and integrated software for skin analysis to offer the best protocol for your client's needs.
  • Made in Italy

Treatment Protocol

The therapist uses the skin analysis software to check the skin health and identify its needs. Depending on the configuration / structure of skin imperfections, the therapist will set up the appropriate light wavelength to deliver the optimum LED treatment.

A total of 8 sessions over 6 weeks are recommended for optimum results.

Post Treatment

Make sure to allow at least 2 days between each sessions for a better recovery.


The skin lesions will progressively disappear leaving a brighter, tighter skin. 







 Download Study - Pigmentation

 Download Study - Anti-ageing