Endermoscan App


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$595 exc.GST, then 795$ exc.GST

Endermoscan app -  an update of MyLPG scan 

« A comprehensive evaluation and organised clients management are the keys to successful endermologie treatment. Through years of collecting feedback from My LPG Scan app, LPG has launched a new app, Endermoscan. This app  is perfect for you to manage your endermologie clients. Endermoscan equips LPG users with a interactive and powerful evaluation tool to carry out full treatment and recommending cosmetics based on the evaluation. »


Improve your LPG experience

  • Better Endermologie Clients Management 
  • Able to follow the results over time 
  • Access to free tablet* and face treatment
  • License fee deductable if you are upgrading your device to Allliance 
  • Boosting comestic sales
  • Full face and body analysis

Device compatibility

  • Compatible with Android Tablet, screen size 10.1’ and above.
  • App Optimised with Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1’ and above.
  • Other tablet may be subject to limitation of the app, our technician can help you to determine the compatibility.
  • Not compatible with Apple Ipad
  • Compatible with Integral and Key Module.