E>Clean - IPL for acne
E>Clean - IPL for acne

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The E>Clean is a cutting edge IPL device dedicated to the treatment of inflammatory and retentional acnes for adults and teenagers. It has been designed to be used on skin phototype I (fair) to IV (olive skin, Asian/ Mediterranean/Middle Eastern skin types) and is recommended for acne grade I to V on Burton scale.

Adults suffering from acne must undertake medical examination to determine the cause of the acne before being treated with Intense Pulsed Light.

The E>Clean is designed for health and beauty professionals only and is not for home use.

Treatment Protocol

- 1 session per week for a minimum of 4 weeks (additional treatments can be made depending on the lesions)
- E>Clean technology can be used as an adjunct to another treatment for acne (excluding photosensitive medication)
-  Moisturizing lotion can be applied after the session 

    Post Treatment

    Client must wear +30 SPF sunscreen to protect the skin from the sun during and 3 weeks after the treatment.


    After the session, the lesions caused by the acne are significantly reduced. The spots will disappear leaving a tighter and brighter skin.

    The use of IPL technology to treat acne is a real innovation. The results are visible after only a few sessions and the patient will feel better and more confident.
    A quick and gentle technology that can be used all year long.


    - Pregnant women.
    - People with diabetes.
    - Dark / black skin (Skin phototype V to VI).
    - Damaged, infected, burnt skin.
    - Skin with recent sunburn (Wait a month for recovery).
    - Unusual skin lesion (Needs medical advice).
    - Tattoo (Can’t treat over a tattoo).
    - Skin disease different from acne (psoriasis, eczema...).
    - Photosensitive medications.
    - Cutaneous pathology history.
    - Not suitable on animals.



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