Le Modeling Bloomea New Macro-exfoliation
Le Modeling Bloomea New Macro-exfoliation

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Key Benefits

Le Modeling Blooméa is a three-step skincare device developed ten years ago by French aesthetic surgeons. It helps to dramatically reduce the appearance and texture of stretch marks leaving a bright and unified skin. The treatment was then progressively applied to many other skin problems such as acne scars, skin lesions, sun marks, melasma, neckline furrows, etc. The procedure was thus naturally extended to regular beauty treatments aimed at maintaining and refining the skin texture, tightening pores, reducing wrinkles and enhancing skin complexion.



The efficacy of Le Modeling Blooméa® is exponential: the efficiency increases session after session. Indeed, the number and intensity of Macro-exfoliation applications increase at each session, following a simple and very precise protocol to achieve optimal efficiency for each person treated.
In fact, the first sessions prepare the skin for increasingly improved results in the following sessions.


Because each skin is unique, Le Modeling Blooméa® offers a personalised treatment that is optimised session after session thanks to the individual Blooméa® booklet. This booklet allows a close follow-up to progressively adjust the treatment according to the results of the previous sessions. One of Le Modeling Blooméa®secrets: the client decides on the degree of efficiency that they want at each session.


Since the beginning of their research on Macro-exfoliation, surgeons ruled out the use of “fixed tips” which, despite being disinfected after each session, were the cause of infections and skin rashes.
For over 10 years, Blooméa® treatments have exclusively used personalised single-use tips (unsealed at the start of the session in the presence of the client) to meet the strict hygiene requirements during the treatment.
This also has the advantage of being quick and easy, dispensing with the need for maintenance or cleaning.

Proven Effectiveness

1. Elastin
Contrary to popular belief, it is elastin, much more than collagen, that provides the skin with its essential qualities of plasticity and elasticity.
Studies realised with Modeling Bloomea show a 20% increase in elastin. This explains the tone benefit and re-toning effect of the skin.

BEFORE the treatment


AFTER 4 sessions   


2. The Cornea layer
Studies show a smoothing of the skin surface (Cornea layer). It explains why the skin gets softer, more radiant and brighter. The complexion is significantly unified.

BEFORE the treatment

AFTER 4 sessions

Treatment Protocol

An optimal preparation of the skin for other treatments usually realised in the beauty centre: even on the surface as well as fully penetrative. An application of Bloomea® Macro-exfoliation makes for a perfect scrub at the beginning of the treatment, and the Microvibration treatment deeply stimulates the dermis at the end of the treatment.

An essential regeneration by high-frequency stimulation from the surface to the deep layers of the skin. It smoothes and tonifies the skin, tightens the pores, improves skin complexion and ensures optimal cream absorption as well as a longer lasting makeup.
One session every month of two to regularly regenerate the skin, or whenever needed for special occasions.

Wait minimum 5 days between the sessions, optimal is 1 week.