Antares - topographer & tear film assessment
Antares - topographer & tear film assessment

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Key Benefits

- Only device with video analysis (instead of photo analysis) 5-step Meibography to easily identify the severity of MG atrophy.
- Extremely simple software: common to the whole CSO range.

General Use

All-in-one solution including:
- Infrared meibography
- Contact lenses fitting (great for OrthoK) 
- Tear meniscus analysis 
- Pupillography


Dry Eye Function


Dry eye analysis, including the following tools:
- Non-invasive tear break up time (NIBUT) = best reference to track efficacy of dry eye treatment
- Lipid layer grading
- Infrared meibography = level 0 (healthy MG) to 4 (severe loss of MG)

The severity of the patient's dry eye syndrome, using the level grading given by the 3 tools above.

Use the Meibography to confirm that a treatment can be done: sometimes the Meibomian Glands are so atrophied that treatment is not going to work.

+ Contact lenses
The topographer function allows to identify (thanks to the software report) the contact lenses best suited for the patient's cornea.




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