Future Deluxe - refraction units
Future Deluxe - refraction units

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 The new refraction units Future 2 and 3 have new generation touch-pad keyboards made in unbreakable crystal, backlighted, easy to use and to clean; all the commandes are available on the keyboard and is also possible to store all the functions. 

The working planes are with electric translation, with optional manual movement, and they have a drawer for the tonometer.

The Future 2 and 3 units are fully customisable with different materials (glass, wood, Corian, etc), with various colours, and they have an innovative and ergonomic design.

The Future 2 unit can be easily transformed into Future 3 by simply replacing the working plane.

Several chairs, chest of drawers and desktops are available to complete in the best way all the furniture of the clinical room or studio.

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