Cobra - non-mydriatic retinal camera
Cobra - non-mydriatic retinal camera

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Key Benefits

- Designed to be used by an assistant, which saves time for the practitioner.
- No need for fluorescein during retinal screening.
- 5MP camera for a better quality image.
- Mosaic function: Broader view of the retina for a wider analysis, thus a more accurate preventive treatment. No need to invest in an expensive tool to broaden your image.
- Manual machine (not automatic): more precise, yet simple to use due to the software assisting with settings.
- Infrared picture acquisition
- A minimal pupil diameter of 2.2mm and a low flash intensity make it possible to generate a high quality fundus photo quickly and accurately, with minimal patient discomfort. 

General Use

Detect diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma + evaluate the cardiovascular risk percentage within a 3-year period.

Dry Eye Function

Detect Meibomian Gland atrophy through infrared meibography.


Data transfer USB 3.0 Power supply external power source 24 VCC In: 100-240Vac - 50/60Hz - 0.9-05A - Out: 24Vdc - 40W Power net cable: IEC C14 plug Dimensions (HxWxD) 420 x 315 x 255mm Weight 6Kg Chin rest movement 70mm ± 1mm Minimum height of the chin cup from table 23cm Base movement (xyz) 105 x 110 x 30mm Working distance: 20mm

Auxiliary IR Led @850nm White fl ash Led @450-650nm

Spherical correction from -20D to +10D (through handle placed on the optic head) Image resolution 2448 x 2051 (5MPixel) Vision field 50° x 45° Minimum pupil size 2.5mm Compatibility with standard UNI EN ISO 10940:2009, DICOM v3 (IHE integration profile EYECARE Workflow) Fixation points 1 internal + 1 on the chin rest Compatibility with standard DICOM v3 (IHE integration profile EYECARE Workflow)

PC: 4 GB RAM - Video Card 1 GB RAM (not shared) resolution 1024 x 768 pixels - USB 3.0 type A Operating system: Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 10 (32/64 bit). *The specifics and the images are not contractually binding and can be modified without notice. Windows® is a Microsoft Corporation trademark



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