France Medical and Virtual Reality:

Virtual reality will revolutionise our world in ways we can’t even imagine today. As computers and smart phone did in the past decades, the world in 10 – 50 years will look like it came straight from science fiction. Every industry will be transformed and France Medical want to be at the forefront of this revolution.


Vivid Vision - a revolutionary VR treatment for vision disorders

Developed in California at the heart of the Silicon Valley, a young team of optometrists and software developers created a unique VR solution designed for the treatment of amblyopia, strabismus and convergence insufficiency.

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Icaros - an innovative fitness solution using VR technology

Have you ever dreamt of flying? Developed in Germany, Icaros is revolutionising the way people exercise by combining fitness, virtually reality and flying in one unique solution.

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Walk through France Medical office and discover our team of superheroes in action through a 360 Virtual Tour. Will you find where is Wally?