Brisbane, February 2017


The beautiful Angela Espie and Jo McDonald from La Clinique have shared with us the secrets of their success. Within just a year, La Clinique has become a reference to every woman looking for Endermologie treatments on the Sunshine Coast, QLD.  


What inspired you to start your own business?

The absolute need for an alternative answer to aging cellulite and body woes that don't include needles surgery and toxins. We both have a passion for affordable natural beauty solutions and the desire to help all women feel absolutely beautiful inside and out.


What was it like opening your first salon?

We were giddy with excitement and a little nervous. Endermologie is a fairly unknown market in Australia so we felt extremely blessed to be able to share it with Australian women.


How did you market your services?

We Talk! To EVERYONE in all places at all times - we are so passionate about Endermologie and the benefits that we are always sharing our knowledge and educating the public! So education passion and knowledge are the best marketing tools!


How’s business going?

Business is growing as awareness grows. We have found that treating clients using the French trained protocols has them coming back over and over.


According to you what qualities makes you successful in your activity?

We Work really well together and compliment each others strengths and weaknesses. We constantly support and inspire each other. We love and respect all of our clients so spend the time to find out how we can really help them. We never stop researching and are always keeping an eye out for new protocols and systems to maximise our results.


What are the plans for the future?

Our plans today are to enjoy our clinic and share our passion and knowledge with our beautiful clients..... We hope to expand our clinic and become the Sunshine Coasts preferred Endermologie clinic and the best Endermologie therapists in the country......and to live happily ever after of course!!