Aurelien - Managing Director of France Medical

" People often ask me questions like - How long have I been in Australia? How did I start France Medical? What's my background?

Well, I have been in Australia since 2008. Prior to this I lived and worked in Shanghai for 4 years where I was helping European businesses to purchase products from Asia.

Since finishing business college in France, where I’m originally coming from, I have always been entrepreneurial with a strong interest in new technologies and the medical industry.

I started France Medical by coincidence really. I browsed for different products online that I could import from France and distribute in Australia.

One day, I found this young and innovative company called E-Swin, who was manufacturing IPL hair removal devices for home use - the first of its kind (at that time). 

In 2012, France Medical started to distribute the full range of professional IPL devices from E-Swin to skin clinics followed a year and half later to optometrists and ophthalmologists.

Then came new great brands from fantastic people in France, Italy, Danemark, USA... such as LPG, CSO, 3Shape, Vision Vision and so on.

All the brands France Medical took on board have been selected for their uniqueness, brand image, product design and history.

I feel France Medical likes to do things differently compared to other businesses.

I like to think we bring new, fresh ideas and have a different way to approach the market and market our products.

I am always ready for new adventures, either for business or for exploring the world on a motorbike! "

Guillaume  - National Sales Manager & Director FM Australia

" With a strong background in health care logistics as a B2B Sales Executive for 6 years with TNT Express, I am very much aware of the medical sector particularities and the high level of attention expected by end consumers in the health care field. 

My latest combined responsibilities as Customer Service Manager and Sales Manager for one of France’s largest medical laboratories have given me the broad experience to participate in France Medical strategic development.

The importance given to customer satisfaction and the exceptional quality of the products represented by France Medical are important to me. Our focus on innovation gives me the desire to keep expanding our presence in Australia and New Zealand.

My background in the field of innovative medical products and my personal aim to always provide excellence in customer service make me feel “at home” at France Medical. ”

John - Optometrist & Director FM New Zealand

" As an optometrist, I have been in practice in Christchurch for many years, with an interest in treating: Low Vision, Dry Eye symptoms, Keratoconus, and Visual symptoms due to Head Injury.

Since 2016, I've become Director of France Medical NZ as well as technical and clinical advisor for our clients.

I have a passion for helping people with eye problems and am involved with different structures: 
- Director of Low Vision Service, of Burwood Hospital Christchurch,
- Low Vision Practioner at Southern Eye Specialists Christchurch,
- Trustee The Lighthouse Vision Trust,
- Trustee  Rose Charities New Zealand,
- Consultant Optometrist,  NZ Aid, Cook Islands,
- Rotary Paul Harris Fellow 

Apart from my job I'm passionate about fishing and boating as well as travelling. "

Allan - Chief Financial Officer

" I am an accomplished, result-oriented senior accounting and financial management executive with over 15 years of progressive experience in finance management. I am responsible for the company’s finances, HR, operational and programmatic support, corporate policies and France Medical’s relationships with lending institutions and external auditors.

Outside of work I enjoy travelling the world where I get to experience new adventures and different cultures. "

Luke - Technical Director

“ A background in both psychological science and civil engineering? Hm… that sounds odd? Actually, my civil engineering study allows me to sufficiently understand the technical aspect of every machine, the background in psychology makes me an efficient communicator. Helping our clients in technical aspect is just as important to me as making them comfortable.

I’m originally from Shanghai, China, a city with amazing history and modern life style. I can speak English, Chinese and Shanghainess (local language) fluently. With a strong interest in technology, I’m keen to introduce our innovative solutions to more Asian communities.

Besides working hard, I like to travel and I’m a big foodie. I love to talk about different cuisine. ”

Charlotte - Marketing Manager

" I joined France Medical after completing my studies in China where I spent 6 months.

My previous experiences in event and PR management gave me the knowledge and experience I needed to efficiently promote your equipment and services.

I've been part of the France Medical family since 2013 and we've been working hard to always provide you with the best marketing support.

Outside of work, I love hiking and skiing. I suppose it comes from the fact that I grew up in one of most beautiful places in the world (a part from Australia of course): the French Alps. 

I'm looking forward to discussing with you how we can work together to help you stand out from the competition. "

Julia - Marketing Assistant

" As a French student, I've had the opportunity to join France Medical as a Marketing intern to broaden my knowledge in this sector. Thanks to my previous experience in France and London, I know how to work in a multicultural context and to promote our products. Apart from work, I love sports such as horse-riding, rugby and now thanks to Australia I am a huge fan of surfing. I also enjoy travelling , making pictures of amazing landscapes and discovering new cultures so this is a real pleasure for me to be here. I am thrilled to enrich my experience by helping you with your marketing strategy. "

Oswaldo - Logistics Coordinator

" Originally from Colombia, I lived nine years in France before moving to Australia with my family to take on new challenges and follow our dreams.

Thanks to my various experiences abroad, I am now not only fluent in Spanish, but also in French and English, which is very helpful to communicate with customers from different origins. 

I have worked in different types of industries, mainly health, which is a real advantage as it has given me good knowledge in this area. I also have experience in logistics as I worked for some of the biggest couriers companies in Australia.

With my role of Logistics Coordinator at France Medical, I am thrilled to put my skills to good use to contribute to the growth of the company and be able to provide the best support possible to our customers.

In my spare time, I enjoy exploring new places around the world and carrying out different activities such as tennis, swimming, soccer, yoga as well as playing Latin American music. "

Patrick - Sales & Logistics Assistant

" French by my dad, Irish by my mum as you can guess with my name, I really think I have the best cultural mix anyone could dream of!

I just arrived in Brisbane to join the FM team as Sales and Logistics Assistant. I have a background in logistics since I worked in my family business that sells bus parts all around France. Helping customers and making sure they get what they need is my priority. I hope my motivation and my dedication will help you grow your business!

Besides that, I fell in love with soccer 20 years ago and never stopped enjoying it since then. Always keen on travelling, having fun and gathering with family and friends. "

Jeremy - Key Account Manager & QLD / NT Senior Account Manager

" Australian since 2013, you will find that I often get betrayed by a slight French accent!

As the Key Account Manager & QLD Manager for France Medical, my mission is to drive national projects and deliver success to large corporations.

I believe that enthusiasm and positivity are contagious, so it must be shared.

Coming from an agricultural background in France, I am a passionate person who knows how to be « hands on » and to not moke around when it comes to adding value to your buisiness.

QLD is home now and I love it. Give me an excuse to go to the country and you will see me supporting the Maroons at the pub with you after signing a partnership together.

I do what I love everyday, and I love what I do, so I cannot really say I am working. "

Geoffrey - VIC West / WA Account Manager

" With a background in sales and Marketing, and a strong experience as a semi-professional sportive in Paris, I joined France medical recently to help clients achieve their goals.

After travelling the world, I landed in Melbourne where I have been living in the past 6 years and can call it home.

Customer orientated and passionate, I would do my best to help you realise your projects, contribute to the strength of your business and expand it.

Strong believer of a win-win situation, I am looking forward hearing from you to understand the needs and the potential of your company in order to bring the best quality solution. "

Mila - VIC East / TAS / SA Account Manager

" I used to work in France as a physiotherapist and decided to leave to promote innovative and quality medical brands in Australia. After finding the best solutions to develop my own business I am now motivated to help your businesses to grow up.

Based in Melbourne, I will meet you with pleasure wherever you are.

Offering products and advice in beauty, optometry and dentistry, I build your project with you from the start to the end.

In Victoria and Tasmania, I'm always ready to make you discover my favourite places to enjoy a good cappuccino! "

Kevin - NSW North / ACT /NZ Senior Account Manager

" My name is Kevin, and yes Kevin is my real French name. I am NSW and ACT Account Manager for France Medical since 2015.

I am from Versailles, home of Kings and Queens of France near Paris, and I have been living in “Straya” for quite a while enjoying the beauty of this country.

What about me? French, food lover, surfer, ocean lover, I will give you the chance to discover the French Touch during our meeting around a good meal or even sharing some waves together. (wave of success for the non surfer ones).

I am looking forward to meeting you to explore future business opportunities together in order to boost your profitability and offer your clients the latest technology available on your market. "

Christine - NSW South Executive Account Manager
After spending the last few years travelling around in Asia-Pacific helping businesses market themselves online and grow their revenue through innovative solutions, I decided to follow my passion for the health and beauty industry and join the France Medical team. 
It is such a great feeling to be able to guide our customers towards the proper solutions to meet their needs while providing them with the best possible experience. Every interaction holds the potential for something special to occur, and I love nothing more than hearing success stories from my clients!
Outside of work, I spend a lot of my time outdoors, exercising, bush walking, or trying an activity I have never tried before. I believe in constantly challenging myself to embrace new learning experiences.
I’m always pleased to make new connections, whether you are starting a new business in the health and beauty industry or if you simply need advice on choosing a new device for your practice, free to reach out anytime.