FM Distribution is an Australian company created in 2012 by French entrepreneur Aurelien Coursodon. Starting by distributing top-end IRPL® equipment made by E-Swin in France, the company has rapidly expanded their services to other innovative European technologies dedicated to beauty and health professionals.


A diverse product range to fit the needs of every salon and SPA


French IRPL® technology: hair removal, skin pigmentation, collagen stimulation and acne treatment
The IRPL® (Intense Regulated Pulsed Light) machines developed by French manufacturer E-Swin ensure quality and gentle treatments to patients. They have been developed in partnership with medical professionals and got both a medical CE certification in Europe and a TGA registration in Australia
LPG Endermologie: face and body treatments – firm skin and release fat resistant to diet and exercise.
Since 2015,  FM Distribution is the proud distributor of world-renowned company LPG®. The French 30 years old company offers a 100% natural technique for fat/cellulite reduction and skin rejuvenation.
Le Modeling Bloomea: new Macro-Exfoliation device for stretch marks and skin lesions.
Le Modeling Bloomea is a three-steps skin care treatment dedicated to stretch marks, skin rejuvenation and skin lesions. It has been developed for beauty therapists by French aesthetic surgeons and awarded the Paris 2015 Innovation Prize at the “Congrès International d’Esthétique Appliquée”.
US2A: hand-free ultrasound system for fat reduction
US2A is a hand free ultrasound system for fat reduction combining 2 frequencies to offer quick and visible results to your clients after only 3 sessions.


A company specialised in the beauty industry, but not only…


In 2012, E-Swin discovered that IRPL® technology could be used to effectively treat dry eye syndrome. The company decided to offer  FM Distribution the distribution rights of this new equipment in Australia and New Zealand. After three years,  FM Distribution became the main partner of E-Swin for both their beauty and eye care devices. Strengthened with this experience,  FM Distribution started to further develop the eye care market now offering a large range of ophthalmic equipment to optometrists and ophthalmologists from European suppliers.
Following the success met on the Ophthalmology market,  FM Distribution opened their product range to a third market: the dental industry.


A team present all around the country


In order to meet all their clients expectations and needs,  FM Distribution built a team present all around Australia and New Zealand with Account Managers based in Brisbane (head office), Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Christchurch.
“We are really proud of our team. Our priority has always been the success of our clients. Every member of  FM Distribution is dedicated to answer the needs of our customers so we can help them develop their projects thanks to our products, services and knowledge in business management”, Guillaume (Gary) Bosert, National Sales Manager.
Now present in three industries,  FM Distribution is probably one the main distributor of medical devices in Australia and New Zealand.