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Brisbane, February 2017


France Medical is proud to introduce Vivid Vision system that uses Virtual Reality (VR) to treat amblyopia. 

Also known as 'lazy eye', amblyopia affects over 1.15 million people in Australia & New Zealand and 60% still go untreated due to outdated treatments such as patching that have limited efficacy.

"With Vivid Vision we offer a new hope to people suffering from amblyopia and strabismus. The treatment is not only helpful for children but also for adults. It changes people's life", Aurelien Coursodon, Managing Director at France Medical.   

A study realised by UEVA Mediklinik in Slovakia has shown promising results. 60% of patients in this study showed an increase in visual acuity of one to three lines after just eight sessions (40-min each) using Vivid Vision VR system. Additional studies are about to be undertaken within the next few months to support the first results of the above study.

The overall experience of patients is already very promising with a 90% satisfaction rate among the 2,000 people treated with Vivid Vision so far.

"Until I had used Vivid Vision, I had never seen in 3D. After 11 failed driving tests over 15 years, I finally passed! Thanks to this amazing software, I feel like a normal person and not a disabled one", Chris S, 31-year-old Vivid Vision patient.

About Vivid Vision  

Vivid Vision technology was co-founded by James Blaha who grew up with amblyopia and struggled with binocular vision, and Tuan Tran, behavioural optometrist. 

Now CEO of Vivid Vision, James B. recalls being non-compliant with patching and would remove his patch whenever he could. In 2014, inspired by new research into neuroplasticity and new VR technology, he developed a prototype and optained stereopsis for the first time in his life. He then created Vivid Vision to provide access to a better and more powerful treatment for vision disorders. Vivid Vision VR therapy consists of a software and hardware bundle that goes beyond just treating amblyopia and strabismus and is also used for vergence disorders.

"The treatment is fun and enjoyable rather than frustrating, boring and tedious", James Blaha, Vivid Vision CEO.