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Brisbane, May 2017

France Medical and Vivid Vision are organising a CPD night in Brisbane to introduce Vivid Vision Virtual Reality solution for amblyopia and strabismus to behavioural optometrists.

Also known as 'lazy eye', amblyopia affects over 1.15 million people in Australia & New Zealand and 60% still go untreated due to outdated treatments such as patching that have limited efficicacy.

A study realised by UEVA Mediklinik in Slovakia has shown promising results. 60% of patients in this study showed an increase in visual acuity of one to three lines after just eight sessions (40-min each) using Vivid Vision VR system. Additional studies are about to be undertaken within the next few months to support the first results of the above study.

The overall experience of patients is already very promising with a 90% satisfaction rate among the 2,000 people treated with Vivid Vision so far.

The CPD night will be hosted at the Queensland Eye Institute on May, 29th from 6pm and leaded by Tuan Tran and Manish Gupta, co-founders of Vivid Vision.  


About Dr. Tuan Tran 

As the chief of optometry, Dr. Tuan Tran is responsible for the clinical and educational side of Vivid Vision. Dr. Tran completed his residency in paediatrics, neuro-rehabilitation, and vision therapy through the Southern College of Optometry. 

France Medical provides both diagnosis and treatment equipment to professionals dedicated to offer long-term relief to their dry eye patients. 

About Mr Manish Gupta

Manish Gupta, co-founder and chief technology officer (CTO), leads the technology and developmental sector of Vivid Vision. Prior to starting at Vivid Vision, Gupta held a position at IBM in their analytics and optimisation division. 


Events details:


Venue: Queensland Eye Institute

Date: May 29th 2017

Time: 6pm

Speakers: Dr. Tuan Tran, Mr Manish Gupta

CPD points allocated: 4.5 therapeutic points

RSVP before 25/05/17 to Charlotte by email