France Medical introduces macro-exfoliation with Modeling Bloomea

Brisbane, March 2016

Modeling Blooméa introduced by France Medical is the new alternative to microdermabrasion using innovative macro-exfoliation technology.

Developed 10 years ago by French aesthetic surgeons and recently adapted to the beauty industry with the support of beauty therapists.

Modeling Blooméa three- step skin treatment provides outstanding results in the treatment of stretch marks, acne marks, scars, as well as wrinkles and pigmentation. The device can be used on the whole body including face, hands, buttocks, breast, belly and hips.

Modeling Blooméa uses a unique three-action system combining macro-exfoliation, microvibration and light therapy the is much less invasive than traditional microdermabrasion.

The device does not only stimulate the production of collagen and elastin (microvibration), but it also erases imperfections layer by layer to smooth and unify the skin (macro-exfoliation). Most importantly, every step is performed with a single-use sealed tip to meet strict hygiene requirements and avoid skin infections and rashes. Each tip covers a larger treatment area than most microdermabrasion devices, which ensures an efficient and quality treatment especially on stretch marks. 

A soft light is also emitted from the hand piece during the whole treatment to reinforce the regenerative effect of the treatment (light therapy).

Overall, the customer experience is clearly improved. With Modeling Blooméa, the therapist can gentle treat almost all skin imperfections, on the face and the body, in less than 15 minutes.

In 2016, the device got noticed by a panel of professional designers and received the prestigious prize of L'Etoile Observeur du Design in Paris. This one came up just a few months after it was awarded the Paris 2015 Innovation Prize at the Congrès International de l'Esthétique Appliquée.

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