France Medical announces partnership with world renowned beauty brand LPG endermologie

Brisbane, April 2015

France Medical has recently signed a collaboration with the world renowned French company LPG® in order to promote the latest generation of Endermologie® technology on the Australian market.

During the last five years, France Medical has built its notoriety by distributing top end equipment from France to beauty and health professionals. Thanks to the LPG® equipment, the company now offers a new range of devices using a 100% natural process for anti-aging and cellulite reduction together with a complete range of cosmetics products developed to reactivate cells responsible for rejvenation and slimming.

«France Medical is proud to be the exclusive ditributor for LPG® in Australia. We are confident in the technology developed by the group that has already convinced more than 75,000 professionals worldwide. The machines are offering outstanding results, everybody should have an Endermologie® treatment at least once!», Aurelien Coursodon, Managing Director at France Medical.

LPG® has a proven skin expertise and is recognized as a world leader in the treatment of connective tissue with Mécano-Stimulation. The company draws on the fundamentals of regenerative medicine to create a new generation of anti-aging treatments.

With the Face Endermologie®, LPG® offers the first and only technique in the world for which an increase in the natural synthesis of endogenous hyaluronic acid (+80%**) has been scientifically proven. Firmness is boosted by 23%** and the natural synthesis of elastin fibers is increased by 46%**, dramatically improving the skin’s suppleness. This technique naturally fights aging signs thanks to a mechanical stimulation performed on the skin’s surface to reactivate cells to maintain a young looking and healthy skin.

For the body, LPG®’s patented Ergodrive treatment head featuring Independent Motorized Rollers, stimulates the tissue in-depth with over 300 different skin folds to target diet and exercise resistant fat, boost natural lipolysis by 70%*, firm sagging skin and reshape body contours.

About LPG®  

World leader in cellular stimulation, LPG® has made innovation its guiding principle by creating state-of-the-art technology that offers natural and effective treatments with no side effects for nearly 30 years. The numerous applications of the LPG® technologies are validated by large-scale scientific studies carried out in collaboration with world-wide experts. With more than 130 scientific studies to date, LPG® has gained international recognition in the health, beauty and well-being fields.

Creator of Endermologie®, LPG® is the specialist in natural, non-aggressive tissue treatment for slimming, firming, cellulite, lymphatic drainage and age management. Face and body Endermologie® treatments are today offered in more than 110 countries with over 200,000 women benefiting from our techniques each day, responding to the growing demand for more responsible and efficient ways to preserve natural beauty.

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